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Friday, March 14, 2014

Things a GREAT Realtor Wouldn't Say

I've hear/read nightmare stories about real estate agents all the time. While it makes me sad to know what some people have to experience while buying/selling a home, they can definitely be learning experiences! You CAN avoid experiencing similar situations with a little preparedness and knowing what to look for in an agent. If you're not in the Eastern NC area and would like help finding a great agent where you live or where you're headed, please shoot me an email or give me a call. I would love to play matchmaker to ensure your experience is a great one!

Without further ado, "Things a GREAT Realtor Wouldn't Say"

- "It's always a great time to buy a home!"
   - In short - no. A great agent will take the time to listen to your personal situation and provide consulting as to what might be the best option for you. Renting long-term isn't a great idea for investment purposes (home equity and full home ownership are awesome things), but sometimes it's the very best bet for your financial future. Do Realtors make a lot of money finding you a rental home? No....but the good ones aren't going to set you up for hardships long-term so they can make a buck right now.

- "Do NOT get a ______ loan"
- Here's the deal. As much as I would just love to be an expert on every topic under the sun, I'm not and I don't know anybody else who is. I love being a Realtor and I have a lot of knowledge on homes, flood zones, builders, school districts, finding the best you can get for the money, etc. I do not have all-encompassing knowledge on home loans. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot about them, but I would much prefer you discuss all of your options with a great lender or mortgage broker whose job it is to know everything about home loans like it is my job to know about houses. I have some incredible lender partners and I promise they'll put you on the right track!

- "It's totally fine for you to be home when there is a showing scheduled!"
- This is another one with an initially short answer - no. It makes people uncomfortable. Buyers will rush through your home just to get out of there. They'll tell you it's lovely, even if there was valuable feedback that could have helped you sell your home (to them or someone else!) that they would have given their agent later if they hadn't felt so flustered. We know that you know the features of your home better than anyone else could, but the best way to communicate that is to your listing agent. If your listing agent is awesome, they'll want your input - sharing the reasons you fell in love with the home is great marketing, just not in person!

- "I don't think you need to do any staging at all."
- This one is not a deal breaker. It's possible you're one of the few people selling a home that has read every staging blog, "how to sell your home" blog, and "what to do to sell your home fast" blog out there and that you've followed great advice already. If not, please don't be offended! The idea is to "de-personalize" your home as much as possible so that potential buyers can come see how their lives fit into the house - which is hard to do if wedding pictures are staring you in the face at every turn.

Nearly every home needs light staging! Take personal photos down. If you have a room that is HUGE but doesn't feel like it because every inch is filled with furniture, take some pieces out of that room. We all know bathroom vanities get cluttered, but at least find a way to stash everything in a drawer or cabinet so buyers don't feel like they're invading your space.

- "I'm excited to work with you! You can get on my website and search for as many homes as you'd like. When you find them, send them to me and I will schedule appointments for us to see them."
- A great agent is going to take the time to a) find out what you're looking for and b) try their hardest to find it for you. There is a little trial and error here as all people communicate differently, but, unless you'd like to, you shouldn't be spending all your time looking for homes online. In full disclosure, if I have clients that were looking online for homes before I started working for them, I'll ask to see their favorites as it gives me a jump start on understanding what "look" they prefer. Aside from that, if you've hired me to find you a home, it's my job to do the searching! Any agent you hire should be able to save you time...and money.

- "These homes are all 'just' out of your price range, but I think we should look at them anyway."
- Stick to your guns! If you've set a budget for your home with the help of your lender and with your monthly budget in mind, a great Realtor is not going to convince you to step out of that box. There ARE exceptions to this - for example, the Realtor might know the home is listed high and there's enough negotiation room (by researching recent sales in that community) to get down into your price range - OR - an agent might be showing you a home above your price range to give you an idea what a home with EVERYTHING you want in it might cost. In any event, the whole list of homes shouldn't be out of your financial reach or comfort zone. However, if your Realtor presents a home over budget and explains why it might be a good option to explore, there may be a very good reason!

- "I, too, have researched the value of your home on Zillow and I think you're spot on about the listing price."
- Zillow just isn't a good tool for establishing value. Your GREAT agent will be able to back up their suggested listing price with hard facts on homes that have recently sold in your area with similar features, age, and condition in mind. In short, we agents would just love to know where these "Zestimate" numbers come from as they're rarely, if ever, accurate. (Real world example: Recently, Zillow said my personal home was worth $100,000 more than I paid for it just 4 years after we had it built. While that would have been quite lovely, it wasn't even close to true).

That's all for now! I'm sure I'll have more for you on this topic very soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for a GREAT real estate agent and you'd like my help, please let me know. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction - wherever you happen to be buying or selling a home!

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